How to become an effective safety leader

Building the right workplace culture is imperative to the ongoing success of any organisation. It influences expected behaviours, the level of satisfaction and performance amongst employees and its ability to attract and retain talent. The attitudes and behaviour of senior management can impact an aspect of workplace culture which can often be underestimated - its safety culture.

The cost of a poor safety culture

The most recent statistics show workplace-related injuries still cost the Australian economy $28.3 billion a year.  This equates to $1.6 billion coming from the employer, $19.5 from the worker and $7.1 billion from the community. 

There have been 3207 fatalities in Australian workplaces between 2003 and 2015, and 85 deaths have already been recorded this year.  The most dangerous industries have been agriculture, forestry, transport, warehousing, construction, manufacturing and mining.

Leading the way towards a safer workplace

A safe workplace starts with a positive safety culture driven by its leaders. A safety leader can be a General Manager, Foreman, Leading Hand, Health and Safety Representative, or anyone who has influence on others in the workplace.

Safety leaders should continually improve safety culture and help reduce work-related injuries and fatalities. This means encouraging people to take responsibility for safety, setting expectations and leading by example. 

The most effective safety leaders continue to develop their skills over time.

Becoming a better safety leader

Blackwoods Training offers courses to current and potential safety leaders to develop the necessary skills and knowledge to improve safety in their workplace.

Covering the roles and responsibilities of safety leaders, participants can complete a one day Safety for Leaders course to gain a thorough understanding on the importance of workplace safety, risk and incident management processes, consultations and developing a positive safety culture.

Click here to view upcoming Safety for Leaders courses in your location.

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